2 Delicious Southeast Asian Food Recipes That You Must Try

Southeast Asian Food Recipes

Southeast Asia is the largest and most populated part of Asia, consists of diverse varieties of cuisines as they are divided into Mainland and Island zones. Southeast Asian food originates through many cultures and many of which have their traditional cuisines. The classic ingredients of Southeast Asian food recipes include ginger and garlic, rice, sesame seeds, dried onions, chilies, soy, and tofu. At the same time, rice is the staple food to most Asian cuisines in Northern India, where curry dishes originated. Meanwhile, Bangladesh and Pakistan chiefly use yogurt as a curry base, and Southeast Asia commonly uses coconut milk as their curry foundation.

Top 2 Southeast Asian Food Recipes

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Laksa is one of the renowned noodle dishes from Malaysia, also found in Singapore and Indonesia.

Chicken Stock

(2 cups) Chicken stock

(1 cup) Water

(3 pcs) Chicken drumstick


Noodles And Toppings

100 gm Hokkien noodles (optional)

50 gm vermicelli noodles (dried)

80 gm bean sprouts

80 gm tofu puffs (cut in half)


½ tsp sugar (white)

11/2 tbsp soy sauce

11/2 laksa paste

1 tbsp Sriracha sauce

1 tbsp vegetable oil


Fresh coriander/ cilantro

Lime wedges (recommended)

Red chili (Finely sliced, optional)

Way to prepare- a. Take a medium saucepan and place chicken stock ingredients over high heat. Wait until it starts simmering, and then reduces the high flame.

b. Cook until chicken flesh gets soft and the liquid gets thick.

c. Flesh off the bone and place it in a bowl. Set broth aside.

d. To prepare Laksa chili sauce, put all the ingredients mentioned above in a bowl and keep it aside for 20 minutes.

e. For quick preparation, buy readymade Laksa broth.

f. At last, assemble Laksa. Prepare noodles accordingly. Divide chicken into two separate bowls and top with shredded chicken.

g. Pour Laksa broth over chicken. And do the given toppings and garnishes as you desire.

Rice Dish

It’s a sticky rice cake prominently made in Vietnam.


(6 cups) long-grain sticky rice (soaked overnight)

1 1/2 tbsp sea salt

Coldwater for soaking

Banana or bamboo leaves

(2 ⅔ cups) dried, hulled, and split yellow mung beans

One 14-ounce can of coconut juice

1 1/4 pounds pork belly

1 tbsp of pork belly

3 tbsp of sea salt

½ tbsp of fish sauce

3 tsp black pepper, freshly ground

Way to prepare- a. Soak the rice in coconut juice for 2 hours.

b. Take the mung beans and soak them separately overnight.

c. Cut the pork belly into pieces, 2 inches wide and ½ inches thick. Make sure that every part of pork has fat and skin. Sprinkle every spice mentioned above and let it marinate overnight.

d. Soak the banana leaves in cold water by keeping something heavy on it to submerge the leaves in the water overnight.

e. The other day, drain the rice and sprinkle the salt, accordingly and mix it well through hands.

f. Now, take the mung beans to steam until it gets soft. Let it cool. After that, take the mung beans in a food processor until they turn into a whipped texture.

g. Rinse and pat the tropical leaves and cut them down into 5″×12″. Set aside.

h. Further, assemble the Bánh Tét with its ingredients.

i. Scoop 1 tbsp of rice and spread it evenly. Next, scoop the mung beans and layer it on rice. Lastly, add the pork belly on top.

j. Now roll the Bánh Tét together and tie it with a string. Make sure the filling won’t leak.

k. Now take a pressure cooker, fill it with water, so the Bánh Tét cakes get entirely submerged into it.

l. Cook it for 45 minutes in ” soup” mode. Allow it to do a full whistle release. (Approx 1 hour)

m. Serve and enjoy!


To be a true admirer for Southeast Asian food recipes, then try it today! You won’t regret giving these recipes a shot. And can experience the continental taste by sitting anywhere in the globe.

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