3 Best Chinese Tofu Recipes That Will Make You Drool

Chinese Recipe Tofu

Food-lovers will definitely relate to the hunger pangs that are followed by hoping to eat the best. Chinese delicacies are very delicious and people all over the globe love to indulge in it. If you are a vegetarian, you don’t have to worry about not indulging in delicious non-veg dishes. These Chinese tofu recipes will make you drool and will definitely satiate your hunger pangs. Tofu is hailed from China and the extra soft pieces makes the dishes more delicious. In this article, you will get an idea on three best Chinese tofu recipes that will make you happy and drool.

Tofu Tikka Masala

Soft tofu tikka masala is cooked slowly in the cooker and you will get the best spices in it. The spices and herbs are combined with tofu and it helps in enriching the flavors of it. The dish consists of fresh vegetables and they are extremely healthy. You can serve this delicious dish with chapati and rice. Eating it with quinoa and brown rice is also a great way to have this dish. You can definitely give this recipe a try if you are expecting guests to your home.

Kung Pao Tofu

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This very healthy dish is packed with protein and is extremely delicious. With very limited ingredients, you can prepare this healthy dish in just ten minutes. You need a bowl and you need to add in soy sauce, vinegar, as well as some sesame oil. Adding cornmeal to the bowl will enhance the taste and flavor of the dish. Up next, you need to dice the pieces of tofu and add it to the mixture in the bowl. You need to mix vegetables in another bowl and add sauce, oil, vinegar as well. In a pan, you need to fry minced ginger and garlic, adding the vegetables along with tofu mixture will spread their aroma all over. Kung pao tofu can be served with rice, noodles, and this dish will surely make you drool.

Tofu Broccoli Bowl

This lean veggie bowl is packed with protein and nutrients that are helpful for your overall strength. This bowl keeps you full for long and you can present this decorative bowl of wholeness to your guests. You need to toss the tofu using cayenne and cornstarch, this will make it very crispy to eat. Tossing broccoli with honey mustard and olive oil is a great addition in this super bowl. Roasting it after tossing the broccoli makes the dish more delicious. This is one of the most delicious Chinese tofu recipes that you try to add more flavors into your life.


These are some of the best and most delicious Chinese tofu recipes that you can try at your home. They are super-healthy and can be prepared with limited ingredients that you can get without hustling much. These recipes will enhance your taste buds and will keep you full for a longer period of time.

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