Japanese Food: 8 Interesting Things You Must Know

Japanese Food: 8 Interesting Things You Must Know About!!

Japanese are mostly known for their obsession with food. If you love exploring new varieties of dishes, then Japan should definitely be on your list. There are many amazing restaurants serving unique and delicious dishes that you will definitely crave for more. Today, we will talk about some of the important things you must know about Japanese food and culture.

Serving Method Of Japanese Food

Japanese have this habit of serving food in dishes of varied shapes and sizes. You are likely to find dishes of different patterns and unique designs. It is very important for the Japanese people to serve the food properly. You will find many antique dishes in the top restaurants.

Japanese Food: 8 Interesting Things You Must Know About!!
Japanese Food: 8 Interesting Things You Must Know

Top-Rated Restaurants Of Japanese Food

If you are looking out for a city in Japan with top-rated restaurants then Tokyo is the right choice. Although there are so many fun things to do in Tokyo you wouldn’t be able to resist yourself from visiting the amazing restaurants with a wide variety of unique and different dishes.

Do Not Give Tip To The Workers

The restaurants in Japan offer fair wages to the apprenticeship staff as well. If you are thinking about giving them tip then do not do it as it is taken as an insult.

Importance Of Seafood

When it comes to the Japanese diet, seafood is the major part. You’ll find different and various dishes you can try. Due to the popularity of seafood fishing and import industry is reaching Heights in Japan. If you are looking out for fresh and processed seafood then you will find it in Tokyo as there is the world’s largest wholesale market for seafood.

Difficult For Vegetarians

If you are a complete vegetarian then it might be problematic for you as finding complete vegetarian food in Japan is a little difficult. People in Japan I have this habit of cooking some traditional dishes in fish broth. Although you will find vegetarian dishes completely vegetarian it is hard to find.

Beautifully Wrapped Sweets

Japanese people often wrap up the sweets beautifully as they are mostly given as gifts to friends and family. Whatever you do make sure you do not eat anything while walking on the streets rather than in restaurants as it is considered rude and insulting.

Eating Etiquette Of Japanese Food

When it comes to rules and etiquettes related to eating japan definitely tops the list. There are various different rules that you need to follow if you decide to eat in a Japanese restaurant. You should never use your hand to catch the falling food and your chopsticks should never rest on your bowl. If you are slurping while eating then it is considered as a sign of appreciation. Moreover, it is considered improper and disrespectful to leave a messy plate.

Japanese Food: 8 Interesting Things You Must Know About!!
Japanese Food: 8 Interesting Things You Must Know


Never hesitate to buy something from any Japanese Store as they are totally hygienic. There are no chances of getting sick at all.


In conclusion, we can say that the Japanese not only top the list of countries obsessed with food but also with eating etiquettes. Do not worry if you make a few mistakes as in some time you will learn. Go ahead and try some amazing and unique dishes included on the Japanese menu.

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