A Guide to Common Chinese Dishes

common chinese dishes

There are thousands of Chinese dishes in the Chinese language. There are over 2021 different types and many regions in China itself that make it very hard to eat only one type of Chinese dish. Chinese dishes are categorized into three types or classifications, there is the Northern Chinese food and in this category are dishes such as Cantonese, Hunan and Szechwan cooking, within the Southern Chinese food group, you will find dishes such as Hunan cuisine, Fengshan (Fukien), and Southern Chinese cooking, and lastly the Fenghu (Taiwanese) cuisine. These three groups of Chinese food are also mutually exclusive to some extent, for example, Szechwan food would not be included in the category of Fenghu but could be found in the category of Northern Chinese food.

An Overview

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In the Northern Chinese cooking there are four basic types of common Chinese dishes, these are stir-frying, stir-fried vegetables, stir-fried meat and seafood. The four types are quite popular to most people and there are many variations of them, for example, one can use peanut oil instead of cooking oil used for frying. The ingredients can vary greatly as well. For instance, there are stir-fried meats such as beef and chicken, stir-fried vegetables such as onions and cabbage, stir-fried seafood such as fish and noodles, and a whole lot more. If we look at the complete list of Chinese ingredients and compare all these to our western cooking oils used, we would find that there are far more similarities than differences.

Common Chinese Dishes

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One of the common Chinese dishes that people all around the world love to eat is the famous hot and sour soup, the recipe comes from the Cantonese language, and nowadays you can purchase this dish on almost any supermarket shelf, even the supermarkets are trying to sell this as a healthy alternative to the more traditional Chinese soups that are full of meat, fat and noodles. Another one of the most popular and tasty Chinese dishes, especially in America, is the soybean and ginger paste soup. If you are not familiar with this, it is actually very similar to the Cantonese version, only the main ingredients are much lower and often Americanized like tofu, tomatoes and onions.

One of the most popular and common Chinese dishes that people all over the world love to eat is called okra. It is prepared using thin sliced strip of pork meat, sweet and salty sauce, and mayonnaise. Typical okra usually has a thick consistency and goes well with steamed rice. The most common style of okra is from Iowa, most likely from the Des Moines region of Iowa because it is very common there.

Soy sauce is a very common Chinese food seasoning, and it is usually used with stir-fry or stir-fried dishes, but it also goes well with meats, vegetables and seafood as well. One of the most popular soy sauces is made from iron, which is a form of Chinese vanilla. There are also soy sauces made from xanthan Gum and corn starch

Another one of the more common Chinese dishes in the U.S. is the Chinese restaurant. Most Americans don’t really think about what is in a typical Chinese restaurant, so they don’t really know what is going into the typical meal there. Typical Chinese restaurants serve up some sort of memorabilia, such as fortune cookies, savory treats and of course, food, to their customers. There are even places that have entire sections dedicated to Chinese food and drinks, complete with Chinese liquor and Chinese dishes.

Bottom Line

Finally, when you go to a Chinese restaurant, you are paying for the food, so you might as well get something back out of it. Many Chinese restaurants will offer a variety of different dishes for you to choose from, so you can enjoy every bit of the delicious Chinese meals that you will find there. Chinese food can range from starters, main dishes, side dishes, appetizers and desserts, making it very easy to find something that will appeal to your tastes. It is definitely worth taking a look at the various Chinese meals being offered in the Chinese restaurants around your area.

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