Best Chinese Side Dishes Recipe You Must Try

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Chinese food is something which you can have any time, due to its rich flavor and culture. People are attracted to Chinese food due to its different taste and serving style, so most of the time, you consider buying Chinese food when you visit any restaurant. However, every main dish needs a companion, so it enhances the potential of the main dish. Just like humans, dishes need another side dish to complete their taste and rich flavor. Therefore, you may have seen on social media people eating pickled cucumbers with noodles or fried rice. Like pickled cucumber, there are numerous side dishes you may need along with other Chinese dishes. Therefore, if you are a Chinese food lover and love to enjoy Chinese food when you go to any particular Chinese restaurant, check our guide on the best Chinese side dishes recipe you must try at home, enlightening the taste of the main dish.

Kimchi And Crispy Fried Noodles; Chinese Side Dishes Recipes

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If you visit any decent Chinese restaurant, the first thing you notice on the menu list is kimchi. Every Chinese food lover loves to have kimchi on Chinese dinner night. The kimchi is accompanied by flavorful soy sauce, chili sauce, or the main side dish of chilies in vinegar. The chilies in vinegar are the best side dish with kimchi as it helps to add spices to kimchi and roll your tongue. However, you can try other side dishes like chili or soy sauce with kimchi to try something different. Secondly, you love to order schezwan chutney with crispy fried noodles. People order crispy noodles with scherzando chutney as an appetizer, and it is light and spicy, which activates your taste buds and increases your hunger. Frying Hakka noodles make the fried noodles brown and crispy.

Steamed Chinese Bread Buns; Chinese Side Dishes Recipes

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You may have seen bread used as a side dish in Italian or Indian food; seeing bread with Chinese food might look strange, but it tastes delicious. The Chinese bread is soft-baked, which you can easily chew and feel fresh. Chinese bread is used in a sandwich with pickled vegetables. The Chinese bread is a great side dish as it makes your dish heavier and fills your stomach. Adding bread will kill you from starving immediately, so next time order bread buns when you visit any Chinese restaurant. People like to add a unique mixture of 5 spices to Chinese food. You can store the powder of 5 spices in a dry airtight container and use it whenever you want to eat Chinese food.

Sauces For Side Dish Recipes

The basic Chinese sauce which everyone can make is honey chili sauce, and you only need fresh honey and red sauce to make at home. You can order hot garlic sauce and dip momos in this garlic sauce and feel the real taste of momos.


As the list goes on, there are various Chinese side dishes; try all the dishes mentioned above at your home. At last, do not forget to eat dessert and enjoy your Chinese dinner night.

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