Chinese Style Chicken: Three Cooking Methods

Chinese Style Chicken: Three Cooking Methods

A Chinese kitchen recipe called “Chinese Style Chicken” has been in existence for several years. It has many important advantages over other recipes that you may have tried. The use of soy sauce and rice vinegar makes it healthier, but it is also known to make your chicken a lot juicier. This is perfect for most people who like their chicken to be a little on the tender side.

Cook Chicken

There are many ways to cook chicken. We all know that the meat can be cooked in two ways: slow and fast or by the pan drippings. This recipe, however, offers a third option that is wonderful for Chinese style chicken.

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Chinese Style Chicken: Three Cooking Methods

Brown Sugar: Chinese Style Chicken

For this recipe, we add more flavor to the chicken than the others have. We also add the secret ingredient that makes the chicken so tender and juicy. That secret ingredient is brown sugar.

Fabulous Source

Brown sugar is a fabulous source of flavor that comes from the nature of brown sugar as well. The brown sugar is very sweet and adds to the flavor that you can taste in the chicken. So even though we do use the brown sugar, it is not as sweet as the brown sugar you would find in a traditional dessert.

Make It In A Crockpot

Another great way to prepare this recipe is to make it in a crockpot. If you use a crockpot, you can cook the chicken in the crockpot overnight, and then the next day, serve it up right away. While the chicken is cooking, it can be removed, and the pot put back on the stove until you want to serve it and then return the chicken in.

Type Of Chinese Style

How often should you serve up this type of Chinese style chicken? Well, this depends on how often you eat chicken. If you can’t wait to eat it before you go to bed, this is a good time to serve it.

High-Altitude Chickens

When you cook this chicken, it helps to use high-altitude chickens for a reason. High altitude chickens don’t need a lot of cooking, so they are easier to cook, and they give the chicken a juicier and tastier taste than other kinds of chickens.

Kind Of Chicken: Chinese Style Chicken

What kind of chicken should you use? Chicken that is just ready to be roasted is a good choice for the Chinese style chicken.

White-Skinned Chicken

If you want a whole chicken, but you don’t have the time to roast it, then a white-skinned chicken is an excellent choice. Just take the white-skinned chicken and carve out the large meatiest part of the white-skinned chicken, and cook it in the same way you would roast a chicken. Also, some choose to roast the chicken at 400 degrees instead of broil it.

Traditional Saucy Soup Base

Some of the best dishes that you can cook up using this recipe are the Beef and Noodle Soup with the traditional saucy soup base. This is a very flavorful soup that you can use in any of your favorite dishes. It is great to use it with chili and even over steamed broccoli.

Wonderful Recipe: Chinese Style Chicken

You can use this recipe in any place of the world where you have a good grill, if you have a grill then you can use this wonderful recipe to get great tasting traditional saucy soups in all your favorite places. It can be used in the south for what it is made of.

Kitchen Recipes And Chinese Style Chicken
Chinese Style Chicken: Three Cooking Methods

Bed Of Rice

And lastly, don’t forget to serve your chicken on a bed of rice. Or if you’re not using rice, then a cilantro leaves (or mint leaves) garnish the top of the chicken on a steamed rice bed. It makes for a very easy to make a meal that you will be looking forward to making again.

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