Creating a Well Planned Menu For Banquet Meals

banquet meals

Banquet meals are an important part of the British tradition. They are often held to celebrate the end of the season, such as the Shrove Tree Festival in September or the Christmas holidays. In the past, these meals were meant to celebrate the queen, but now many people choose to host them on their own.

The first meal of the six meals is the Salisbury steak. It is a boneless, skinless, moist steak that is available throughout the United Kingdom. There are various cuts and sizes, so they can be prepared in a variety of ways. Most people opt for a medium-rare cut for their Salisbury steak, but those who enjoy a rarer steak may use a well-done cut. The price ranges from around fifteen pounds for a three pounder to around twenty pounds for a seven pounder.


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The second meal of the six meals is potato salad. This is a light and refreshing salad that is served with breadsticks. The traditional method of preparing the potato salad is to roll it in breadcrumbs and place them on top of the hot potato. This is a delicious way to prepare a tasty salad in a low-calorie bowl. Desserts can be a piece of cake with a little rum flavor added to it, or it can be made from whole-grains and spread with cream cheese.

The third meal is the simple tomato and egg gravy. Traditionally this soup has a creamy texture and an egg-y flavor. It can also come flavored with thyme, Rosemary and garlic. The eggs can be used to add the necessary richness, while the tomatoes add a tangy, acidic component to the otherwise mild and neutral taste of the gravy.

Salads Accompanied By Different Kinds Of Fruit

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After the dessert a fourth and last meal is served. Salads can be accompanied by different kinds of fruit, especially strawberries. At this time, people can also opt to use fruit juices instead of water. A variety of fresh fruits and berries will help to make the dessert more interesting. Aside from being served as an after-dinner treat, fruit juices also play a role in cleaning your mouth.

By using fruit juices for your salad and dessert you are reducing the amount of calories that you need to consume to have them. You can also try serving your dessert with a small piece of lemon, so that the acidity of the lemon can cut through the richness of the ice. The lemon juice will also add a freshness to the dish that makes the dishes more appetizing.

Different Kinds Of Side Dishes

Salads can also be served along with different kinds of side dishes. A salad can be paired with either pasta or a vegetable dish. Chinese side dishes like bean curd, chicken, and broccoli can also be served with salads. Some people serve tortilla chips as a side dish with their salads. This will give you a healthier alternative to fried chicken.

Aside from the types of dishes that you serve in the course of your banquet meals, you should also consider some small beverages as well. Water is always an obvious choice for this purpose. Soft drinks and coffee are also great choices, but the flavor they can bring to your meals is definitely worth the extra cost. Banquet halls usually allow soft drinks and coffee to be served in the luncheon meetings if the hall is not private.

Importance Of Tea

Tea, whether it is green black, or oolong, is also a good option to serve during the luncheon. You can have a variety of teas as well as specialty teas from all over the world. These are specialty teas that are usually not available in stores. They may include chamomile tea, jasmine tea, or jasmine tea with springwater. This will certainly make everyone feel well hydrated. Some have also discovered the benefits of drinking fruit juices during the luncheon, such as peach juice or strawberries.

You can also incorporate several little activities into your luncheon menu. For example, you can set up a games area right in front of the table. You can play several board games, charades, or even card games, depending on the size of your guest list. This will surely be a lot of fun for everyone. Banquet halls will sometimes provide games to play, or you can set one up on the tables yourself. Of course, it would be better if you have the whole banquet hall set up with the tables turned out, so that everyone can play at their own tables.

A well planned banquet also means that there are no problems regarding seating arrangements. Your guests are all in the same room, which means that they should all be sitting at the same table.

Final Verdict

Nothing is more frustrating than having a bunch of your friends gather around one table only to have someone else get up and leave without them! As well as table placements, you should also have enough extra chairs in the room for your guests to sit at as well. Making sure that all of these different elements are covered will ensure that your guests have a memorable experience at your luncheon.

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