Five Essential Works Of Life

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Life roles are the task of each individual, perceived from the day of birth until death to possess, exhibit and act. People play different life roles; the responsibilities and duties may change according to age, gender, location, and ones’ attitude. You can be conscious of your roles, intrapersonal and interpersonal, so you can either change them by initiating personal changes, manage or take care of various roles in your life. When you know which roles are different in your daily life, you will understand your needs and society’s demands. Each person can perform or help others fulfil these five basic works of life:

1.A Mature Person: Keeping Walking With God

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One of the first works of life is being a mature person. Adults enjoy God and seek His wisdom. You study and obey the word of God. Their lives are given to God and they strive to keep the discipline of Scripture memorization and meditation, moral purity, a clear conscience with God and man, and submission to the God-sponsored authorities.

2.A qualified provider: Show Financial Wisdom

The second works of life is being a qualified provider. Experienced providers are careful in their work and make sound financial choices. In their efforts they exhibit their qualities for initiative and creativity, applying techniques of saving money, creating buying disciplines, and avoiding debt. They have learned not only to be good stewards but also to be generous donors who share their resources with those in need.

3.A Strong Proclamation Of Truth: Developing A Strong Message Of Life

The third works of life is being an effective proclaimer of truth. Truth and love communicate in effective proclamations of the truth of God. By Christ, they share with others, understand the power of prayer, and live by the Word of God. You are responsive to other people’s needs and alert when talking about sensitive issues timely and appropriate. They not only seek to make disciples of Christ but help others themselves to become disciples.

4.A Loving Marriage Partner: A Complete Marriage Experience

The fourth works of life are being a loving partner. Successful couples learn satisfaction before marriage and commit to a marriage covenant. They are aware of their wives ‘ needs and work with their spouses as a team. They apply good communication skills, to maintain unity in marriage and to maintain strong and bitter relationships.

5.A Wise Parent: Godly Children’s Training

The fifth works of life are being a wise parent. Wise parents direct their children to seek God, to know Him, to follow His ways. By way of example, they lead them to cultivate relations with God, maintain family harmonies and promote the kingdom of God. Through praise, they invest in the lives of their children and help each child to discover the goal of Christ for their life.


All the above-mentioned works of life are essential in every person’s life. Everyone should fulfil these roles of life dedicatedly. These roles play a significant role in the life of every individual

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