Healthy Eating Made Easy With Chinese Cabbage Recipe

chinese cabbage recipe

Chinese cabbage recipes originated in China. However, because of the way they are cooked now, you can see that this was not always the case. Back then, when they were still simple vegetables, it would have taken much longer to cook them and would have been a much tougher task to make them into a great cabbage recipe.

Today, the Chinese cabbage recipe has attained worldwide recognition for its health benefits. And for this very reason, more people are trying to find ways to make their own Chinese cabbage recipes.

Various Health Benefits Of Chinese Cabbage Recipe

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As far as health benefits are concerned, there are several types of cabbage available, and all of them have something different to offer. The most popular is called “performing cabbage.” It is this type of cabbage that is most often used in Chinese cooking. There are also “steamed cabbage,” “traditional cabbage” and “local cabbage.”

Although there are many differences between these kinds of cabbage, they are all basically the same in terms of preparation. What is most important in these recipes is the way they are cooked. They all use the same steamer method, and there are some slight differences in terms of flavour. But basically, it is what you do with the cabbage that makes the difference. Here are a few of the many Chinese cabbage recipes that are used today.

Wusthof Method

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One popular Chinese cabbage recipe uses what is called the Wusthof method of cooking. It is actually quite a labour-saving method. This is the German name for the Wusthof process. Basically, the Wusthof process allows the cooking of the cabbage using the highest possible temperatures. To begin this process, the cabbage is washed and then cut into thin strips. Next, the strips are steamed until they are translucent, and finally, they are placed in a mesh strainer.

The next step in Chinese cabbage cooking is to rinse the cabbage thoroughly. Then, all that is left to do is add water to the mixture. Bring it to a boil, and then remove it from heat. You can use a slotted spoon to transfer the vegetables to a serving platter or another container.

Sichuan Method

Another method of Chinese cabbage recipe used in cooking is made by dissolving one tablespoon of Sichuan peppercorns in two teaspoons of water. What this does is give the mix a sweeter taste. Since the Sichuan peppercorns must be fully dissolved before they can be added to any cabbage recipes, this process is often referred to as the ‘dissolving process.’ The ingredients are steeped together for about fifteen minutes and then served hot.

Steamed Cabbage Method

Another kind of Chinese cabbage recipe is called the ‘steamed cabbage’. It requires three cups of cabbage. Start by putting four tablespoons of rice along with two tablespoons of low-fat soy sauce. Allow the ingredients to mix thoroughly before adding them to a large pot. Add two cups of water and bring to a simmer, then turn off the heat and let the mixture sit for about fifteen minutes so that all of the ingredients can dissolve.

The final type of Chinese cabbage recipe called the steamed cabbage is a very simple process. It doesn’t take long at all and is fairly simple to prepare. All that is required is that you steam the cabbage until it is almost completely soft. To prepare this recipe, all you have to do is add the steamer and leave it to cook while it cooks.

Important Steps To Follow While Preparing Chinese Cabbage Recipe

When a good amount of cabbage has been cooked, it should be removed from the heat and allowed to cool, which usually takes about twenty minutes. Once it has cooled, it can be used in its natural state, which consists of crisp, colourful leaves. This Chinese cabbage recipe makes a wonderful addition to the salad. You can serve the mixture with vegetables, or as a side dish with grilled meat. Another way to prepare this cabbage recipe is to use it to make stir-fries. The nutritious nutrients in this cabbage help keep anyone feeling healthy during cold weather.


If you have never cooked with this type of cabbage before, you are in for a big treat. Because of the many health benefits that these recipes give, they are well known throughout the world. They are often served at lunch and dinner and are often found in stir fry recipes. There are many different versions of this Chinese cabbage recipe that have been created by different cultures around the globe, all with different ingredients and methods of preparation. While this dish may not seem common to your table right now, chances are good that you will discover it soon enough. To help you get started, try some of the recipes out there, and you will find that the taste of these foods is hard to resist.

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