How South Asian Food Recipes Is Diverse

south asian food recipes

It’s not hard to see the influence the diverse culinary techniques have made in countries like India and Sri Lanka. Aside from the rich spices, Indian recipes are known for their use of coconut and rice flour as well as the bold Indian flavors.

Rice Is A Staple Diet For Indians

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Rice is a staple diet for Indians in the subcontinent. Rice dishes are most popular and are served alongside pickles, vegetables, and rice or gravies. They are most commonly served during dinner, lunch, and breakfast. The Indian bread that is served during meals is also referred to as Makhani.

In the south, too, rice is often served along with curries and is a staple diet. In Bangladesh, rice is known as Momofrid. Here, too, it is often used in the preparation of many meals. In India, Punjab and the western part of the state of Gujarat are famous for their rice dishes.

Sri Lanka – Lovers Of Lemon

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In Sri Lanka, the locals are known to be lovers of lemon juice and its tangy taste. Lemon is also used in Thai and Chinese recipes. A unique way of serving these recipes is by infusing lemons with a variety of other ingredients. For instance, ginger or garlic can be infused with lemons to give these recipes a spicy touch.

In Pakistan and the northeast part of India, people love to eat chapatis. Chapatis is unleavened bread that is made on a griddle. They are served plain, halved, or baked. The word “chapiti” means “dipped in sugar”. These delicious flatbreads are traditionally made using wheat flour.

Versions Of Curries

There are several versions of curries that are loved by people all over the world. In India, people also enjoy making them using Indian spices. The Punjabi and the Bengali cuisines add a lot of spices and these recipes usually contain onions, spices, and coriander leaf.

Rice is a staple diet for many South Asian countries. It is the most popular food in the region and also is a favorite for tourists. Rice dishes usually contain vegetables and beans. They can also include rice cooked with meat. Sometimes, these dishes also use bananas.

Chicken Kebabs

A well-known rice dish in Pakistan and the northwest Indian regions is the chicken kebabs. This dish usually has chickpeas, which are green beans that have been soaked overnight. They are then deep-fried. In the morning, you will find that these are ready to serve. There are various versions of Pakistani and northwest Indian curries. You will also find plenty of delicious desserts in this section of the world.

In the eastern Indian regions, there are a number of recipes that are mainly vegetarian. The recipes are mostly centered around the regional cuisines of that area. Some of the popular ones include the rice cakes, radar, and dosa. There are also some desserts in this section that are heavy on the cheese.

Last Words

In addition to these, there are also recipes from other countries like the Chinese, the Vietnamese, and the Indonesian. All of these recipes are very popular especially in their own region. The recipes have undergone through several changes and adjustments over the years. There are new dishes being introduced as the world grows more open to different cultures.

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