How To Make Delicious Chinese Fried Rice At Home

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What Is Chinese Fried Rice?

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Chinese Fried Rice is one of the most famous and well-liked Chinese dishes. There are many variations in this recipe. Some are based on Cantonese-style fried rice, while others are based on Hong Kong-style Chinese food. It is one of the few dishes in Chinese cuisine that can adapt to different types of cultures. As far as its history is concerned, it originated during the Northern Dynasty in the fifth to seventh centuries, known as the Southern Dynasty.

I was given a tour of a local Chinese restaurant by my friend Lisa this past weekend. The restaurant is quite old and has been running for more than a hundred years. This makes it an ideal place to learn about Chinese food history. This tour also allowed me to try some of their Chinese Fried Rice. I enjoyed it very much and wanted to write an article about it for you. Here are the basic recipe and some information about how to make it.

You Need Three To Four Rice Balls

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First, you need to collect three to four rice balls. These are known as a wok. Bring them to room temperature. Heat the wok over a high heat, which will cause the rice to be cooked quickly. The rice will be soft and brown almost immediately once it is cooked.

Add Some Veggies And Oil In The Wok

In your work, you will need to bring two teaspoons of oil, a cup of uncooked white rice, four pieces of raw lean pork, three to four green onions, and four starches such as brown rice. Add the oil, the onion slices, and the cooked pork and let them combine. Cover the lid of the wok and allow the mixture to cook for about five minutes. Once the rice is ready, cut it into quarter-inch pieces. Let the mixture cool and serve with Chinese cabbage.

Cutting The Veggies For Dressings

To prepare the vegetables, cut the washed broccoli into small pieces. Add the broccoli florets and sauteed vegetables until they are translucent. When the pieces are softened, add one tablespoon of soy sauce and mix thoroughly. Add sugar or honey as you prefer. You can adjust the sweetness depending on what you like. Serve this with fresh fruit such as apples, mangoes, or grapes.

What Are The Benefits Of Chinese Fried Rice?

Enjoy the healthy benefits of Chinese fried rice. It’s healthy, quick, and delicious. No need for deep-frying or cooking in hot oil. Just mix all the ingredients and let it get warm before serving. You can have this meal any time of day – in the morning before work, during lunchtime, during dinner, or as dessert after dessert.

If you decide to make Chinese fried rice recipes from scratch, you need to keep in mind plenty of Chinese frying recipes online. Search Google for these. Some websites specialize in providing fried rice recipes. Some sites even offer step-by-step instructions. Then you just follow the recipe to get your Chinese fried rice just right.

Final Thoughts

You can choose to have several dishes with your Chinese fried rice recipe. This will make it easier to plan your meals. Just remember to serve your guests’ servings at the appropriate time. They won’t enjoy your Chinese fried rice recipe as much as you will if it is served too fast. Enjoy this delightful dish, and remember that it is not difficult to make.

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