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In 1993, Paul Fleming and Philip Chiang founded P.F. Chang’s. It is the first globally known multi-unit Asian cuisine brand to honor and celebrate the 2,000-year-old heritage of wok cooking at the core of the visitor experience. P.F. Chang’s menu presently spans much of Asia, respecting cultures and dishes from Japan, Korea, Thailand, and beyond, with roots in Chinese cuisine. Whether it’s a handcrafted drink, a wok-fired lunch bowl, or a festive multi-course dinner, each item offers a distinct discovery of flavor. P.F. Chang’s has more than 300 restaurants in 23 countries and airport locations in the United States, including a growing number of convenient P.F. Chang’s to Go locations.

Pf Chang’s Near Me

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The concept, which debuted in 2020, has a smaller footprint, making elevated Asian cuisine more accessible in high-density metropolitan areas and allowing more guests to sample P.F. Chang’s Asian favorites. P.F. Chang’s to Go is a handy format that combines online ordering, takeaway, catering, and delivery into one convenient package. The new P.F. Chang’s To Go restaurants in Irving, Texas, and Orlando, Florida, join a rapidly growing number of To Go locations across the country, including five in New York City and three in Chicago. P.F. Chang’s intends to open more than 50 To Go stores across the country, including in Colorado, Florida, Texas, New York, Louisiana, Nevada, and California.

The Chain

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After purchasing the chain’s four sites in early 1996, the firm was renamed P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, Inc. Richard L. Federico, who took over the presidency of P.F. Chang’s in a partnership with Fleming, was chosen to lead the new executive team. After leaving his positions as president of Brinker International’s Macaroni Grill 65-unit chain and head of BI’s Italian concepts, he joined the firm. He, like Fleming, had no prior knowledge of Asian cuisine when he entered the Chinese restaurant business. In truth, he had never developed a taste for it, unlike Fleming. He did, however, provide management experience. He was a co-founder of Grady’s Goodtimes, a Knoxville, Tennessee-based idea that was purchased by Brinker International in 1988. 

The leadership

Bert Vivian as the former CFO, and Greg Carey, who served as COO, joined Federico in important executive positions. Vivian joined the company in April 1996, having previously worked at Brinker International as vice-president of investor relations. Carey came over from his position as COO of Rainforest Café two years later, in 1998, to join Federico and Vivian. The company began quickening its growth near the end of 1996, when it established restaurants in Las Vegas, Houston, and Denver, thanks to venturing money from out-of-state investors. After detailed demographic evaluations of their prospective consumer pools, the managers were testing new markets and moving into new locations.


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