Popular Chinese Dishes To Try This Weekend

A bowl of food on a plate

In-country like China, the traditional way to greet someone means ‘have you eaten yet?’, which signifies the food would be extraordinary. China has a renowned culinary heritage in the entire world. The history of their food dates back to around 1000 years that had varied cooking styles, different ingredients, and techniques that eventually evolved with time. A typical Chinese meal will always have two things-n a carbohydrate or a starch like rice or bun, noodles, stir-fries, fish, and meat. Chinese use different fresh vegetables like water chestnuts, mushrooms, bamboo or tofu, etc. Each Chinese dish focuses on three things- appearance, aroma, and taste. Chinese pay a lot of attention to the aesthetic food appearance that has diversified colors. 

Different Popular Chinese Dishes That Will Make Your Weekend Flavoury 

Dim Sums

A bowl of food on a plate

This food is one of the most famous popular Chinese dishes in the northeast. These dim sums are the small-sized rounds that are stuffed with meat or veggies. These dim sums are the perfect steamed snacks that help you in delighting your evening cravings. 

Hot and Sour Soup 

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Do you feel satisfied when you sip out the hot bowl of soup during the winters? Hot and sour is the spicy and sour broth, which is made with the goodness of cabbage, mushrooms, carrot, and a spicy twist of white peppers and red peppers along with vinegar. 

Quick Noodles 

Quick noodles are the renowned staples in everybody’s home, which are not just the kid’s favorite to bing on but are equally loved and enjoyed by all the adults. Look out for an online quick noodles recipe by adding all your favorite veggies. 

Spring Rolls 

Spring rolls are the crisp appetizers that have shredded veggies within and are encased in sheets that are later fried to golden brown color. You can prepare these little munchies at home as your tea time snack or a party starter that you can enjoy with your favorite dip. 

Stir-Fried Tofu Rice

One of the popular Chinese dishes is the stir-fried tofu rice that is prepared with simple stir fry tofu and combined oriental sauces. You can prepare this great dish at home with flavorful spices and sauces. Serve the fried tofu with rice dipped in sauces to make a wholesome meal for yourself. 

Honey Chilli Potato

This snack is an Indo-Chinese snack that you are going to love at almost every Chinese restaurant. This delicious dish has the perfect balance of spicy and sweet sliced potatoes that are tossed with delicious sauces and spices. 


Try the above given popular Chinese dishes if you want to try something different from your daily boring eating routine. Chinese dishes are absolute love because of their spicy and tasty sauces. You can prepare all the above given Chinese dishes at home easily. Try every dish at a different time of your day to enjoy the best flavor in the best vibe.

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