Popular Korean Restaurant Dishes

korean dishes

Korean dishes are world famous because of their uniqueness, extraordinary taste and appealing presentation. Korean food is a fusion of traditional food

Political And Cultural Change

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Korean dishes have evolved over centuries of political and cultural change. Originating out of agricultural and nomadic cultures in north korea and south korea, Korean food reflects a rich intermingling of these two cultures. The combination of flavors from the east and west somehow makes the taste familiar to us today. Kimchi, the spicy Korean soup, was first made in the 7th century.

Among the most popular korean dishes are the well known kimchi, bibimbap and seafood salads. Among the popular ingredients used in kimchi is fish. This fish is flavored with all sorts of flavors originating from its home country of Korea. Among the popular flavors are garlic, onions and sesame oil. Some kimchi recipes even include vinegar and beef fat


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Bibimbap is another popular dish among Korean dishes. This dish is prepared by mixing several vegetables like steamed white radish, ginger, garlic and vegetables like tomatoes, cabbage and soy sauce. Some korean dishes include mando ganjang gejang or spicy ginger soup and red bean ginseng. Red bean ginseng is used as a medicinal herb and in some cases it may even be substituted for ginseng in place of ganjang gejang.

Some other famous dishes include sugared beef, bulgogi, bulgogri, hojok, korean ginseng, bok choy and bok suyung. The popularity of these foods cannot be denied especially since they are known to improve stamina and promote strong bones and muscles. In addition to these traditional foods, modern cuisine in Korea has also introduced a number of Chinese and continental dishes in the country’s cuisine.

One of the most familiar vegetables in Korean dishes are noodles. They come in many varieties such as churneys, soba and koo joong. Generally, the noodles served with korean meals are called dumplings. A typical dumpling is made with a variety of noodles. Some examples of these noodles are pho, sui gai, mochi and beru gi.

Sundubu Jjigae

Other than the common vegetables and noodles, korean dishes also contain fruits. There are a number of fruits that are commonly used in the country’s dishes. The most popular among them are mango, red apple and grape. These fruits are often eaten along with rice.

A famous dish in Korean restaurants is called sundubu jjigae. This dish is widely served with a tangy and spicy fish sauce. In order to make this delicious dish, uncooked white fish is marinated for about three hours in a mixture of soy and vinegar. Afterward, the fish is steamed until it becomes light pink and cooked thoroughly.

Last Wo

Korean side dishes are usually very healthy. There are some Korean restaurants that offer special side dishes to their customers. These side dishes are typically very healthy such as vegetables that are marinated in tangy and spicy sauce. Not only are these healthy side dishes good for your body, they also make a delightful meal for one.

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