Tasty And Healthy Food Recipes In Asia

traditional asian food recipes

There have been so many changes over the years that are made in the way of cooking and tasting the foods that are natively cooked by the Asians of course. From the stir-frying of ingredients over a bamboo steamer to the quick-heating of a curry over a high heat, it seems that spices have come a long way from the simple green powder they were supposed to be. Asian cuisine is now more diverse than ever before with more ingredients added to the recipe that can either make it more or less healthy depending on the recipe and the person who is making the dish.

Asians of course do not normally put meat into their meals. Although there are meat dishes that are available, like the famous Pad Thai, Hoppin Sandwiches, stir fry, stir-fried vegetables along with the more common foods like rice and noodles. Best Easy Recipe: Sweet and Sour Pork with Pineapple Top of Spicy Chicken is Asian Dishes Recipes make for a simple, healthy and delicious meal that one can enjoy in a crowd at home.

Most Of The Traditional Asian Food Is Based On Rice

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Most of the traditional Asian food is based on rice, which is usually prepared as a soup base. The spices used in these dishes add a lot of flavor and also give the dish a very distinctive taste. Typical dishes include Cantonese, Hunanese, Northern Chinese, Indonesian, Hong Kong, Japanese, Malaysian, and Vietnamese cuisines. You will find many famous recipes such as the Chinese chicken rice, Lo mian noodles and the Chinese egg drop soup.

Chinese chicken rice or Fried rice is one of the most famous and easy Asian foods recipes. This dish is very popular all over the world. It is prepared using boneless white meat of chicken. The sauce used in this dish is very tasty and very rich in vegetables. It is easy to prepare and can be one of the favorite dishes during festivals such as Chinese New Year.

Hoppin Tea

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The famous Hoppin Tea is one of the easy Chinese recipes for delicious Chinese sweet and sour pork. The dish goes well with the hot and spicy chili sauce. You can try this recipe with chicken if you want to spice up your dinner party. Easy Chinese recipes for sweet and sour are also used in desserts.

Other famous and easy Chinese recipes are the Chicken Rice Cake and Spicy Red Bean Lovers. The chicken rice cake is very tasty and made by following a recipe. Spicy red bean lovers are in for a real treat by eating this recipe. The recipe of this amazing dish is so spicy that it makes your mouth water and you will be thinking that you are having the same dish as you had last night!

The Delicious Traditional Filipino Cuisines

You will love the traditional Asian food menu of the Philippines even before you try the delicious traditional Filipino cuisines. Some of the traditional dishes from the Philippines which are on the list of the traditional Asian cuisines include: Bamboo shoots, Braised Pigs, Chicken Satay, Chop Suey, Coconut Shrimp, Fondue, Ginger Pouchong, Hong Kong Broccoli, Ice Cucumber with Pickled Tea Leaf, Ginger Pear and Mustard Fruit. These dishes have been featured in many of the famous Asian recipe cookbooks.

Final Words

Now you can prepare your favorite traditional foods recipes yourself at home instead of going out to eat at a restaurant. Your family will love traditional Asian foods recipes like you used to make when you were a kid. And your guests will surely enjoy the wonderful taste as well. Traditional recipes are not only meant for old people but they can also be enjoyed by young ones. Try out the exciting flavors in your own kitchen today.

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