The Popularity Behind Korean Street Food in Seoul

south korean street food

This cuisine originated in the Gangwon Province, which is in the northeast of South Korea. The name for this particular region was originally “South Jeolla.” When foreigners visited South Korea during the early days, they were amazed by the large number of dishes they could not resist from the locals.

Best Known For Its Spicy And Bold Flavors

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Known for its spicy and bold flavors, this cuisine gained popularity among those who frequent the country. Unlike other Asian countries, where Chinese and Japanese cuisine reign supreme, Korean food is not as heavily spiced or marked with specific tastes. This makes it more adaptable to a wide variety of palates. As a result, many find that Korean food has more depth than either American or European food can provide.

Along with seafood, the South Korean food is noted for its varied use of vegetables and fruits. Many of the ingredients used are bold in nature, such as garlic and onions. Seafood is also quite popular in Korean cuisine. It is often added to food for its powerful taste and aroma. However, seafood is relatively inexpensive and is easily found in the wild.

Use Of Condiments

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Another interesting aspect of Korean street food is the use of condiments. Spicy is often the dominant flavor in this cuisine, which is why you will commonly find it spiced foods served alongside ketchup, spicy rice wine, and a soup. Also, spicy Mayo is often served as a condiment to a meal. These condiments are made from either ketchup or a hot oil base and are often used in various Asian dishes throughout the world.

Korean Do Not Serve Burgers, Fries, Or Other Salty Selections

Unlike the typical American or European eateries, the Korean ones do not serve burgers, fries, or other salty selections. Rather, most popular choices are served with a side of vegetables. This serves two purposes; first, the vegetables are able to absorb the spices from the main dish and make the experience more exciting one, and second, because the vegetables are what make up the bulk of the food, they are able to soak up all the flavors that are left after the main courses are served.

The second course at most restaurants in Seoul is what is known as a bokke. Bokke is a seafood soup that is also often served with pickled vegetables. A variety of seafood is combined together to make a delicious soup that is full of flavor. It is not uncommon to find books being served with an egg, as well.

Final Words

Finally, one of the reasons that Korean food is so popular is that it is quite easy to find. Unlike a lot of other foods from around the world, Korean food is not difficult to find in most cities. In fact, you may be surprised when you finally see it sitting on a corner of your favorite restaurant! It is truly a very easy dish to get.

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