What to Expect at an Asian Kitchen

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Meta Asian Kitchen is a casual Asian cuisine that mixes traditional Cantonese and American, Chinese flavours, traditional family-style dishes, and modern urban culinary methods in its fast-paced concept. Started by Chef Ken Wan and Dora Yuen, this pop-up food cart began as a popup at various festivals and markets in the greater New York City area sharing unique family-style dishes with eager hungry guests. It was a huge hit and grew to become one of the most popular food stalls in all of the Big Apple. Now the brand has expanded to include a restaurant. The new restaurant will offer a variety of traditional dishes using traditional Chinese and American ingredients. The menu will include dishes from Szechwan, Hunan, Taiwanese, Indonesian, Thailand, Philippines, as well as Canada.

Satisfy Foodies Of All Tastes

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This highly themed restaurant promises to satisfy foodies of all tastes. For every taste bud, there will be a dish to please. The inspiration for the concept was the “healthy living” movement of the late 90’s, when consumers were becoming more educated about what they put into their bodies. A healthy lifestyle was being defined as not only eating the right amount of foods but also avoiding fatty, sugary, and processed foods. The Asian kitchen concept was born out of this movement, as diners were looking for an alternative to the greasy, deep-fried foods that are common in the American diet.

There will be a number of familiar dishes on the menu. The first, and most popular, will be the famous stir-fry. This dish uses a type of stir fry that simulates the rising of fresh ingredients with aromatics, such as ginger, garlic, sesame oil, and lemon. The spices are stir fried until tender and then are combined with other ingredients, such as vegetables, meat, seafood, and noodles. In addition to being a popular dining staple, this cooking method can also be used for grilled dishes, stir-fried vegetable dishes, stir-fried grains and tubers, and steamed dishes.

Themed Restaurant Menu

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Drinks will also be served on the themed restaurant menu. A wide variety of Asian drinks and juices will be offered, as well as specialty drinks created especially for customers who have Asian heritage. Some of these include Sake, which is a Japanese fermented beverage; Tequila shot, a distilled drink that is commonly mixed with lime juice and served with melon and mangoes; and Vodka shot, a whiskey-dipped punch that is garnished with cucumber. In addition to the alcohol options, there will also be other non-alcoholic choices on the menu.

Authentic Asian Cuisine

Guests will also have an opportunity to try some authentic Asian cuisine on the diner table. On the menu, there will be selections like Pho (PHN), a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup; Gocha Coconuts (GT), coconut-flavored fried nuts; and Baba Ghanouj (BGY), a Baba ghanouj that is marinated in Thai-style clay. These dishes will also be accompanied by side dishes like boiled egg, rice, salads, yogurt, and other products traditionally seen in Asian cuisine.

Bottom Line

Asian restaurants have the potential to draw a wide variety of diners. They are also very affordable compared to other fine dining establishments. There are many different pricing options available, which make the restaurant’s prices more appealing to diners. A full meal may also be offered for a lower price, as opposed to a sit-down meal. Prices will also vary according to the location of the restaurant. For example, lunch specials will likely be less expensive than lunch everyday.

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